NDAA Charitable Opportunities

Like most organizations, the NDAA (ideally) seeks unrestricted gifts of funds that can be applied to the needs of the NDAA and its members, as determined by our Board of Directors. Some individuals and businesses desire more control over what programs and activities they support. At the NDAA, we will work with you to match your charitable goals with the particular needs of the organization.

In addition to creating programs that will provide various levels of recognition and exposure, NDAA actively seeks grants and other funding that create participatory opportunities for individuals and businesses. The following may help you to decide if, how, and where to direct your charitable donations to NDAA. The final disposition of all donations is, of course, the responsibility of the NDAA Board of Directors.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have about sponsorship.

Finally, it's not all about money. As a newly formed nonprofit, we seek the experience and expertise in our communities to help build a strong, sustainable organization. We currently seek volunteers to serve on our Board who:

  • Will work collaboratively in an environment heavy on caring and inclusion
  • Are open to the needs and ideas of the disabled community
  • Are willing to commit (at the very least) a few hours each month to a Board meeting, programming, and/or development activities

The NDAA's programmatic needs by sport include:

Sled Hockey
  • Equipment - Thanks to a generous grant from the French Foundation, we currently have 10 ice hockey sleds and 20 sticks, enough to field 10 players. This leaves us with no equipment in reserve should anything be damaged or lost. We seek to increase our equipment inventory to accommodate additional players and to acquire some adaptive equipment to broaden the opportunities for participation by persons with significant disabilities. Helmets, gloves, guards and padding are as important in sled hockey as they are in stand-up hockey.
  • We need to acquire several new or used handcycles of different styles. Handcycling is a new sport to many persons with a disability. The NDAA seeks to introduce people to new opportunities for recreation and competition, a goal that requires equipment for people to try out.
Wheelchair Basketball
  • Sports chairs - In many cases, one's everyday wheelchair is not the best choice for court sports. Most wheelchair users do not use anti-tipping casters and typically have little or no camber in their wheels. Both are important for good movement on the court, whether it's basketball, tennis, rugby, or other wheelchair sports. We wish to obtain a number of multi-purpose sports chairs to enable both disabled and temporarily able-bodied (TAB) participants to participate safely (our first priority) and efficiently in basketball or other court sports.
  • Court time - Like ice time, it's impossible to have programming without facilities. We have intermittently received donations of court time from local Parks & Recreation departments, notably South Burlington. Donations of court time or funds to purchase same are needed for these programs to succeed.
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