Why Donate to the NDAA?

Persons with disabilities represent about one-fifth of the population of the Northeastern U.S., the single largest minority. Nationally, about 1 in 3 people either has a disability, has a family member with a disability, or works closely with a person who has a disability and considers disability issues to be very important.


For businesses, a decision is usually associated with the desire to do good. While the decision to support the social mission of an organization like NDAA is often a philosophical one, our development efforts address the benefits of supporting NDAA for both individuals and businesses. NDAA will work with you, your organization or your company to match your charitable goals to available opportunities in our sponsorship structure.

Naturally, we welcome donors who are interested in other aspects of NDAA's activities and encourage you to work with us to see that your goals for giving align with the mission and objectives of our organization.

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