Lake Champlain Martin 16 Invitational Regatta


Many volunteers are needed to make this a fun, fair and safe regatta. About 20 sailors will be competing from around New England, New York and eastern Canada. Volunteers are needed on Friday (August 3), Saturday (August 4) and Sunday (August 5). We need on-the-dock and on-shore help as well as a few experienced sailors to be sailing companions and to set up boats.

The busiest times are when the fleets are launching or arriving back at the dock. These times are subject to change due to weather or other factors, so we hope you'll join us for morning through midday, midday through afternoon, or the whole day! It is a wonderful event to be involved with and we'll even feed you!

All meals at the regatta venue — breakfasts, lunches and a BBQ at 6 PM on Saturday — are provided free to volunteers.

Please sign up online:

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Paul Hansen at .

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